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Organic Cotton T-Shirt Manufacturer in India

Our story : The fashion industry has taken the path of sustainability in an aim to make future fashion environment-friendly. With the thought of sustainability and environment-friendliness ingrained in our minds, we have been in this path for years. Pledged to make organic clothes, we are concerned for the world and our brand aims to empower the organic fashion industry with an array of organic t-shirts in India.

As leading Organic T-shirt manufacturers in India we travel towards making sustainable clothing accessible across the globe. We trust that people want to be part of offering a solution. Given the choice, that fits their taste, they would select the best option and lay the road to sustainable world and create a positive impact. From sourcing the right material to creating a piece that tells a tale, our organic t-shirt is a hit for its value and design..


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We make T-Shirts That Transforms Fashion

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organic T-shirt manufacturer in India

Organic food is world-renowned wile organic clothing is something not in knows of everyone. Organic clothing has become a turning point in the fashion industry as it is the hope that’ll pave the way for transformation towards better future with having much impact on the environment. Organic t-shirt is nothing but a t-shirt made from naturally sourced material like organic cotton and wool. The natural materials used for the production of organic clothing are also produced through natural practices without use of pesticides, fertilizers and any form of genetic alterations.

There are lots of brands that produce clothes under the tag organic which may necessarily not be organic. If you really want to take a step toward sustainability, then you have to keep an eye on the following certification. The GOTS certification stands proof that we are eco-friendly bran in terms of raw materials and manufacturing process. If you are looking for a brand that is concerned for the environment and makes responsible clothing, then you are in the right place as we are a responsible organic t-shirt manufacturer in India.

The GOTS or Global Organic Textile standard certification is a guarantee that 70% of the fibers used are organic. In addition, the chemicals used for manufacturing like dyes and bleaches should meet the environmental standards and toxicological standards set by the organization. Only companies that comply to the standards will get the GOTS certificate. We are leading organic t-shirt manufacturers in India with GOTS certification.

Even the Trims are Organic

With conscious effort to create an impact in the world, we carefully make sure that our entire manufacturing process is natural and organic. As conscious organic t-shirt manufacturers in India, we make sure that every step from sourcing raw materials to final touch is eco-friendly. For instance, not only raw materials and sewing, but also the trims are organic. The trims of the organic t-shirts we manufacture are also organic.

For instance, the buttons of the t-shirt are made from organic alternatives instead of acrylic buttons. The yarn used for the ends and the oils used for manufacturing is of natural origin instead of chemical composition.

Take a Step Towards Sustainably

We want to be change the maker in this world with our fleet or organic t-shirts that are unique and one of its kind. We extend our service across the globe and give the best quality products. For high quality organic tees, contact us today. Create an impact in this world and reduce your carbon foot-print by choosing the best organic t-shirt manufacturer in India.

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